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Translation and revision

In the translation process, there are two things of utmost importance: being faithful to the original text and making sure that nothing is left out, all without depriving the final text of a style of its own. That’s what a translator does. As far as revision goes, it’s about being the second pair of fresh eyes that take a look at the material (already translated by somebody else) to cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s, making sure there are no intrusive commas and that nothing has been lost along the way.


This is halfway between translation and pure writing. It’s more than just translating: it requires more inspiration, more creativity, an in-depth knowledge of the audience, a final version with more personality. But we mustn’t go too far, the original version will always be the guide, our beacon. This kind of translation is ideal, for example, for advertising campaigns.


Do you need a text that speaks about you, your company, your product or your service? Would you like to get your message across with style, showing everything you’ve worked so hard to get to the market? I can help you with that. Tell me what your project is about, what your goals are, and I’ll take care of finding the right word combinations to communicate your message in the best (and most elegant) way.


Automatic translations are, for example, the ones that Google Translate offers. They are not always that bad, but they need some tweaking. That’s precisely the posteditor’s job: correcting and polishing the automatic translation so that it sounds less “robotic”. And should machines some day get to rule the world, better to have helped them look good to be in their good graces.


To get a quote, please contact me via e-mail including the following details:

  • Project description (what it’s about, who your target is, where it will be published, etc.)
  • Original file (or extract) for translation projects
  • Language or language combination
  • Subject matter
  • Size (in word count or pages).
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