Translation & Editing

The translator's job, in a nutshell, is to render the original content in a translated version that is both faithful and fluent, with a flavour of its own. As far as editing goes, it’s about being the second pair of fresh eyes that take a look at the material (already translated or written by somebody else), crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's, making sure the final version is ready to be published.


Halfway between translation and writing, this service involves more inspiration, more creativity and an in-depth knowledge of the audience. The result is a text with more personality, still faithful to the original intent, but with a more local taste for the target audience. This kind of service is ideal, for example, for advertising campaigns.

Content Creation & Copywriting

If you’re looking for content that is specifically created for your product, your service or your idea, Content Creation is the service for you. Written from scratch, the result are pieces that are uniquely crafted to get your message across efficiently and with style. They could be articles, social media posts, documents, among others.
Copywriting is basically jargon for talking about content tailored with marketing purposes in mind, so if you’re looking for content aimed specifically at selling your product, your service or your ideas, this is your service.

Other Services

Translation services are a broad category, and among the other services I offer in this sector are: Cross-Cultural Consultancy (for the Latin-American markets), offering awareness of the cultural elements that could make or break a communication strategy, Subtitling (including spotting and time-stamping), Post-editing (editing of machine translated content) and Transcription (including time-stamping and translation when required).


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